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Jamaica Journals 2001

Jamaica Dental Missions Trip

Mavis Bank, Jamaica
July 14-20, 2001

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Saturday, July 14

The Jamaican Dental Team
The Jamaican Dental Team: back row- Ivan, Ritu, Laura, Dr. Jim Carney, Jason, Dr. Bill Griffin. front row- Arron, Hilary, Courtney, Jessica, Kim, Maria, Tony, Amy, Zach, Chad)
Today I head to Jamaica for a week doing dentistry in Jamaica, with one other dentist and 14 dental students from the University of Iowa. Just 4 weeks ago I didn't even know about this trip. Then I received an e-mail from Dr. Jim Carney,
the president of the Christian Dental Society, which stated that two other dentists originally scheduled to go on the trip had to back out at the last minute, and the trip was in danger of being cancelled. As I prayed and considered the possibilities, things began falling into place for me to be a part of the trip. The biggest single factor that enabled me to go was being able to find a local retired dentist, Dr. Madison Price, who was willing to oversee my practice and check hygiene patients while I was gone.

Mavis Bank
Mavis Bank, Jamaica, road sign
My son William, Jr. was originally scheduled to accompany me on the trip, but just a few days ago there was major violence in Kingston - 21 people were killed. After praying and discussing the situation with my wife. I decided that I would go, but that it would be best for William to stay home.
When I informed him yesterday morning it brought tears to his eyes, but his day will come, Lord-willing.

Next day, July 15

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