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Dental Technologies

At Dr. Griffin's office, we use the latest advances in technology to ensure the most comfortable and effective visit possible. With computer imaging, intraoral cameras, and digital x-rays at our Newport News, Virginia office, we make sure you receive optimal dental care. Below is a list of cutting-edge tools we use.

Computer Imaging

Some patients can benefit from a cosmetic dentistry procedure but postpone treatment because they are unsure of the end results. With cutting edge computer imaging, these patients can now get a preview of their completed treatment. Using a digital photo, we can create a digital image to show you what treatment will look like or to help you decide what option is best suited for your mouth. Thanks to computer imaging, you can now make an informed decision about the appearance of your smile.

Intraoral Cameras

The non-invasive intraoral camera is a remarkable diagnostic tool that allows us to easily examine your mouth more efficiently than ever before. This tiny, state-of-the-art tool takes pictures of the inside of the mouth and displays the images on a computer monitor. Both you and your dentist can view the images together, giving you a better understanding of any dental procedures that may be performed.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography offers a number of advantages over traditional x-rays. Though traditional x-rays expose you to a miniscule amount of radiation, digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure up to 90 percent. Digital x-rays are taken with a small camera inserted into your mouth. The images are immediately captured on a computer monitor where you and your dentist can review the pictures together. This allows you to be better informed about your own dental health as well as any procedures the dentist may perform.

Patient Amenities

Going to the dentist doesn't rank at the top of most people's lists of ways to spend an afternoon or morning. To make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable, Dr. Griffin's office offers a host of amenities to our patients, including headsets, music, educational patient videos, and sedation dentistry. Come see us and relax.